100 People You’ve Been At Some Point In Your Life

Such a cool article!! 🙂

Thought Catalog

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of “identities.” We are “Introverts” and “Single Girls,” “Twenty-Somethings” and “Hopeless Romantics.” We are Carries, and Charlottes, some of us even Samanthas.

But before you judged yourself by these metrics, before you hated your thighs, and counted your exes, and saw yourself through the harsh eyes of what you imagine to be everyone else’s opinions, you were somebody’s newborn child (1), a bright-eyed, mysterious being (2), and the second your mother saw you she was overcome with love, and the need to protect you – you were the center around which the world turned (3). And you were another’s child, too (4).  He held you at arm’s length, saw his future in your eyes (5). You were taken to your grandparent’s house, and to them, you were the newest face of their family (6)—maybe the last they would ever see. You…

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