The 7 Stages Of Getting Back Together With Yourself

“You simply have to find the strength to live it a little differently.”

Thought Catalog

Nothing sucks more than a break-up or a heartbreak. We’ve all been there, on the bathroom floor (or any floor for that matter), gasping for air, and asking the heavens or whoever was willing to listen: why? Why us? What did we do to deserve such tragedy?

Cue months ahead or maybe even a year or two ahead, and here we are, fully in love again and in a brand new and much better relationship. This, people, is the cycle of romantic relationships right here. You lose one, you get another one.

For a lot of people though, relationships are all they know. They live and breathe in the same one that seems to take over not only their youth but their entire lives. And when tragedy befalls and they wake up on that bathroom floor, alone, they feel like life as they know it has ended. And this is…

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