You And I Were Not Meant To Be

“Where our time together has always been made to end. We see people in similar situations coming together and making it work. They are the exceptions, but we will never be one of them.”

Thought Catalog

In a perfect world, maybe we would have grown up together. We would live next to each other by a huge field where we would run around as kids. Come high school, we’d still meet up after school, staying up all night in the same field talking about our mutual friends and our life plans. We would talk about our secrets and our problems, like we always do. Except in this world, our problems are small and insignificant. We would play in the lake nearby, you hold my hand tight walking there through the mud and the rocky path because I am afraid of falling. Maybe that is where we would realize we love each other.

You and me, walking back home hand in hand. My parents tell me off for staying out with you so late. They would be secretly happy, though, because in this perfect world, they love…

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