The Kind Of Love You Deserve

“I deserve the happiness that comes with waiting for the right person, and not settling on every point that used to mean something to me. I deserve to be loved wholly.” 🙂

Thought Catalog

Settling feels like an art form. There are so many moving parts to choosing another person, and we are constantly expanding the list of “things we can live without.” I used to have such complex, detailed dreams about the kind of man I would spend my life with. And then, little by little, he got whittled away by reality, and he became a vague shape of a person with a few basic qualities. I learned to settle like a champion, like a woman much older and more embittered by history than myself. It was key to survival without crippling disappointment.

But, after multiple relationships with men who felt like the physical incarnation of ‘settling’ itself, I have decided to wait. I’ve decided to embrace and enjoy and even revel in my singlehood and never force something to go past a disappointing first date. I’m not taking relationships at all costs…

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