In Another Life, I Would Have Stayed

“I don’t know what made me so attached. Maybe it was the false hope you led me to believe or the sincerity of the words you said.

I’m a big talker when it comes to blaming you for all the hurt, but deep down I know that I can only blame myself.”

Thought Catalog

I walked out of the party, satisfied that I had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. I was kind of buzzed on all that beer, and a bit lightheaded from all the cigarettes I’d been smoking. I didn’t even think twice about the person walking behind me. I guess everything was building up to that one moment we would meet and you would tell me about myself, I was caught off guard because it seemed as if you knew so much about me, and I knew nothing about you.

You asked me if I wanted to smoke with you, and I agreed. I watched you gracefully place the cigarette between your lips, light it up, and take a deep breath. You asked me about my classes, my current major, and the work I was doing at my internship. You seemed to know what questions…

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