25 Things To Do Instead Of Worrying


Thought Catalog


We all tend to worry about things we can’t control—could be school, work, a friend, a relationship. We all have those days where we get stressed and pessimistic and so whatever it is today that’s bogging you down, here’s a list of things to do that are way better than worrying! Next time you find yourself getting worked up, pick one of these activities to focus on instead.

1. Call and catch up with your parents. There is no better feeling when you are down or need a distraction than hearing your mom or dad’s voice on the other line reassuring you.

2. Watch your favorite movie. Or watch the movie you’ve been meaning to see but have been putting off for no apparent reason. Get really spirited and make some popcorn too.

3. Go for a run or a walk. Put your ear buds in and jam out…

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