In My Head, I’m The Perfect Package. So Why Doesn’t He Love Me Back?

“Know that you are the PRIZE. It hurts because you could have given so much, and that he took the opportunity away.”

Thought Catalog

After falling in love with the idea of being in like with this guy, I learned that he doesn’t want me back. I haven’t heard anything back from him since our last date. It’s not even like he was my dream boy, it’s the idea that I wasn’t even considered in the running for a friend position in his life- that hurts the most.

Naturally, being an introvert, a scholar, and a marketer I find myself reflecting on why my personal marketing strategy was a complete failure? It’s hard not to internalize rejection when you are always told that you are a dream girl with the complete package and then be casually tossed onto the back burner.

Inquiring minds need to know why! There must be a disconnect between what I offer and how he perceives my qualities. I just need a theory to justify the other party’s indecision to…

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