I Put Up Walls…You Loved Me Anyway

“And in all my life, I have never felt so beautiful.”

Thought Catalog

I built these walls long before you came. Brick by brick, I laid each one down, knowing exactly its design. The foundation on which it was made, I am still uncertain. Perhaps it was the response of a child who had to grow up too fast, an adolescent who never felt absolved from her mistakes; knowing too much of the ugliness of the world too early. And then for far too long, continuing to believe that the world was mostly only ugly, that beauty was few and far between; that beauty was spectacular and rare.

And just like that, I went through life with eyes that glistened in the light, but fell to a deep sadness when the light would flicker, even just a little. Everyone seldom aware of the vast pains that can exist in shining eyes, in warm touches, in polite conversations, and in performances of confidence that…

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