10 Things Dating Should Feel Like (And 10 Things It Shouldn’t)

Thought Catalog

For a very confused generation.

1. Dating should feel fun. You should laugh and smile more than anything else. It should feel like dancing freely in a room where no one is judging you. Where the mistakes you make don’t matter as much as the good time you’re having.

But dating shouldn’t feel like a game of survivor. A game where you’re manipulating and plotting to see who is the last person standing; “winning” whatever game you think you’re playing.

2. Dating should feel easy. Not the kind of easy that makes you complacent or inattentive. But the kind of easy that’s light and relaxing. The kind of easy that makes you feel at home.

But dating shouldn’t feel hard. It shouldn’t be so difficult that you spend most of your time frustrated and disappointed. It shouldn’t feel like you’re always one step away from breaking your heart or someone…

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