Brown is for your humility, I admire how down to earth of a person you are

Blue is for the sky and the ocean so tranquil, you keep me at peace like a comfy blanket during a cold stormy night

Green is for being so natural, no secrets, no pretending, just pure acceptance

Orange is for the happiness I feel whenever I’m with you, like a little princess inside her beautiful castle

Violet is for the dreams we share, and the (our) future out there, not today, but definitely someday

Red is for the overflowing and unconditional love you have given freely me the past ten (unofficial&official) months we’ve been together

And lastly, yellow is, as you know, my favorite color; I hope you know, that you are, and will always be, my favorite, my one and only.

Just like all these italicized words, thank you for adding colors to my not so colorful life.

Happy 5th (10th) month my love ❤



Rainy day

The girl with a fragile heart,

as gloomy as the weather;

Scattered makeup and teary eyes,

just like how rain pours from gray skies.